Adventure to the Road to Nowhere

Adventure to the Road to Nowhere

January 30, 2014 · by awesomedogadventures · in travels. ·

In this week’s adventure we travel to a weird and interesting place in where the road actually leads to no where. Well technically it dead ends in the salt marshes and before you lies a field of unusual geological formations. These rocks are considered out of this world. Located just outside of Steinhatchee, FL.  I believe this is public property and very dog friendly.  Supposedly it’s also a haven for unusual insects along this part of the Nature Coast of Florida. This place is on the list of ‘Weird Florida.’ To find out more information and directions check out at


Heidi and Lexi are exploring this unusual landscape.


When you first arrive it just looks like the road ended into a salt marsh and sand fields before hitting the coastline.IMG_0015

Then you come across many out of place rock formations that appear haphazardly all over the place. Heidi admires this scene over the horizon.IMG_0043

Lexi takes the opportunity of finding a bed of grass in between the rocks to roll around in the splendor of it.


What a view!


With a look in each direction there are more rock formation to see. Each of them unique in their own way.


Lexi takes the opportunity to ham for the camera in front of some of the strange geological formations.


This is the weirdest beach we’ve been to in Florida.


Heidi and Lexi are still trying to figure out the mystery of the rock formations.

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